It is quite common for people who are aged above 50 to develop the eye condition known as dry macular degeneration. In people with this condition, the central vision is reduced or blurred as result of the macula thinning. It is to be remembered that the macula is the eye retina part which ensures that your direct line of sight vision remains clear.

Typically, this eye condition develops first in one of the eyes before affecting both. With the passage of time, this condition leads to the quality of vision worsening and thus affecting your ability to carry out everyday tasks like drive, read or even recognize the faces of people. However, the condition typically does not lead to losing your entire vision.

If the condition is detected early enough and you take appropriate care of your eyes, then the vision loss that results from macular degeneration may be delayed. In the present state of medical science, there is still no treatment for the condition. However early diagnosis lets you take self-care steps that aid you in slowing down its progression. This care involves things like avoiding smoking, taking vitamin supplements regularly and eating in a healthy manner.

Surgery is an option open to people who are beset with macular degeneration in both of the eyes and the condition is in advanced stages. In the surgical intervention, a telescopic lens is implanted in one of the eyes. This lens which resembles a small plastic tube is furnished with lenses that make your field of vision more. The lens usually results in better close up and distance vision, but the problem lies with its field of view which is really narrow but is pretty useful nonetheless, especially in urban settings.